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Recurve R6 Weight Distributing Hitch

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• Weight distribution hitch • Adaptive Sway control • User friendly • Reduced noise
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The ReCurve R6 is our most user friendly weight distribution hitch, and it features premium adaptive sway control. With other sway control hitches, turning can be an even bigger hassle than it usually is with a trailer because the sway control “locks” the trailer straight. With the ReCurve R6, the hitch will control your sway for normal driving, but when you turn, the sway control will automatically disengage, making maneuvering smoother and easier on the driver. The sway control can easily be turned completely off in dangerous or icy road conditions. Its top-loading spring bars give it more ground clearance than other weight distribution hitches, and the streamlined design makes the hitch and the trailer move as one, while creating a sleek and subtle look. Hitch ball included.

→ 48731 Recurve R6 600lb
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48733 Recurve R6 1,000 lb
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48734 Recurve R6 1,2000 lb
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