Every time the wind blows, it creates a “flapping” noise with our awning fabric. It’s quite annoying, especially at night. Is there anything we can do to stop it?

Use Camco’s Awning De-Flapper™ to stabilize your awning, and stop that annoying ”flapping“ noise. Wind can create movement in the awning fabric, causing an annoying sound similar to “snapping” a towel or rug. The De-Flapper™ eliminates this noise by securing the awning fabric with strong clamps to the awning arms with adjustable straps. The non-marring teeth hold the awning in place without damaging the fabric. Of course, it’s always best to close the awning if there’s a danger of storms or high wind to reduce the risk of damaging your awning or camper.

I love my new hula-girl patio lights. I’ve been looping them over my awning, but they’re really inconvenient to put up and take down. Is there something to make this job easier?

Yes. The Camco Fits-All™ Party Light Holders do the trick. These handy holders slide right into the channel of your roll-out awning and slide out just as easily when breaking camp. Just slip them in place and attach the lights to the hook. No screws, clips or special tools are needed. Each pack of seven Fits-All™ Party Light Holders hangs one string of seven to ten party lights.

Since we spend a lot of time outside lounging and picnicking outside near our RV. How can we keep the dirt out there where it belongs?

Camco has a few products that can help. As a rule, RV’s are a bit cramped so dirt shows up fast when folks go in and out a lot.Our classic Awning/Leisure Mat provides a great surface for that high traffic area under your awning or chairs. Made of durable, mildew resistant material, the Camco Awning/Leisure Mat’s open weave design allows rain, or even melting snow, to pass through. Available in dark green with rust resistant grommets. Camco’s RV Step Rugs are also a great way to help prevent tracking dirt inside your RV. Just wrap the Step Rugs around your existing RV step and hook springs into place. Easy one-time installation with no tools required. Available in four attractive colors to match your RV and awning.



How do I restore the original luster and appearance of my RV?

Bring back the once-lustrous shine of your RV with Full Timer’s Choice Color & Finish Restorer. This one-step application will remove oxidation, wax buildup, surface scratches and hard water spots. Use Full Timer’s Choice Wash & Wax to protect against future oxidation and maintain that showroom finish.

How do I remove the black streaks around my RV’s windows and doors?

For quick cleaning of stubborn black streaks on your RV, use Full Timer’s Choice™ Black Streak Remover. Use full strength for your heavy duty cleaning, such as removing black streaks, grease and oil stains from engines and fiberglass. Full Timer’s Choice Black Streak Remover contains no solvents. For quick campground touch-ups, use Full Timer’s Choice™ Black Streak Remover Wipes.

I want to keep the inside of my RV clean and smelling fresh. What is the best way?

Use RV Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner™ to power away stains, dirt and grease. RV Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner™ is biodegradable and safe for all types of surfaces. It cleans with a natural citrus cleaner and will not stain surfaces. Leaves a fresh citrus scent.

What can I do to clean and remove tough bugs and tar without damaging my RV’s finish?

RV Bug & Tar Cutter™ with its thicker formula stays where you spray. Bug & Tar Cutter™ cleans without hurting or staining the finish. Its concentrated cleaning power eliminates the toughest bug and tar deposits. All this and 100% biodegradable too.

How can I help prevent those drafts and leaks around my slide-out?

To protect the seal around the slide-out, use Full Timer’s Choice™ Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner. Routine use of this will protect against UV rays damaging the seals and making them brittle. Reduces friction for ease of operation and a tighter seal. With this advanced foaming formula, you can be sure the seals are fully protected against the environment.

How can I protect the surfaces of my RV from the sun, dirt and dust build-up?

The ProTec™ All-In-One™ Protectant is a high tech blend of powerful cleaners and protectants that shields against whatever the road throws at you. Regular use makes future cleaning and quicker and easier. ProTec™ All-In-One™ Protectant restores to a showroom shine. Use on the dashboard, tires and exterior surfaces.

Why should I use Rubber Roof Cleaner and Conditioner?

Cleaning and conditioning your rubber roof reduces chalking that causes ugly gray streaks down the side of your RV. Full Timer’s Choice Rubber Roof Cleaner will clean and condition to extend the life of your rubber roof.


Fresh Water

Why should I treat my fresh water supply?

An adequate supply of clean, fresh water for drinking and the preparation of meals is critical to the enjoyment of your RV. Water that has an unpleasant taste or smell can ruin any trip.

Does the use of water filtration or treatment products enable me to use any water source?

NO! Even the most advanced RV filtration/purification equipment might not render microbiologically or chemically contaminated water safe for drinking. Always make sure that you use water of known quality that is safe to drink.

What’s the difference between “point of entry” and “point of use”?

”Point of entry“ filters are connected to the water source and filter the water before it enters your fresh water tank. “Point of use” systems filter the water coming from the fresh water tank before it leaves the faucet.

What’s the difference between a filter and a purifier?

TastePURE™ filters use a combination of physical barriers and granulated active carbon to remove particulates, sediment and organic compounds that can cause water to smell and taste bad. The TastePURE™ CX300™ Purifier uses enhanced filtration as part of a super-chlorination/de-chlorination process to help protect against viruses and bacteria.

Most of the TastePURE™ filters and the CX300™ purifier contain KDF®. What is KDF® and what does it do?

KDF® is a zinc/copper alloy that works through a process of electrochemical oxidation to remove or reduce chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iron, lead, cadmium, aluminum, arsenic and other inorganic compounds. KDF® also controls the growth of algae, fungi and bacteria. When combined with the use of activated carbon, KDF® provides superior water treatment to that of ordinary carbon filters.

What is the useful life of my TastePURE™ filter or purifier?

There are several factors that influence the useful life of any filter. Two primary determinants are quality and quantity of water passed through the filter. If water with large amounts of sediment or organic compounds pass through the filter, its life will be dramatically reduced. In the case of well-based water sources, sand can cause the filter to clog very quickly. This is certainly better than having this material enter your RV’s fresh water system. As a general rule, the filter should be replaced when water flow is reduced, or the taste of the water degrades. The TastePURE™ CX series filters and purifiers use cleanable cartridges. When the exterior of cartridge becomes discolored, simply remove, scrub, and reinstall. Replacement cartridges for these units are also available.



How can I control odors in my refrigerator?

The Camco Fridge Airator™ cools your food evenly and keeps food fresher longer. The Fridge Airator™ absorbs odors with a replaceable activated charcoal filter. Simply replace the cartridge when you replace the unit’s D-size battery. Fresher food means fewer odors.

Is there any way I can keep items from sliding around my RV while I’m traveling?

Slip Stop® is the non-adhesive answer to slipping and sliding problems on the road. A favorite product of veteran RVers for years, Slip Stop® can be used for tool boxes, rugs, shelf lining—even between dishes that rattle. Makes a great jar-opener, too. Available in cream and slate blue, Slip Stop® is washable and cuts to any shape easily.

Storage space is always a problem in my RV. Any suggestions?

Our Pop-A-Products™ are the ideal answer for storing everything from paper plates to toothbrushes and tissues. These products use both under-counter locations and wall-mounting to increase your storage options with a decorative look.

We are always misplacing the television remote control. What can we do?

You need the Oak Accents™ Remote Holder to hang on to wandering remote controls, cell phones or walkie-talkies in your RV. Our solid wood Remote Holder attaches to any smooth surface without drilling unsightly holes. The attractive natural wood finish complements any décor.

How can I eliminate that aggravating rattle from my stove top while traveling?

Camco’s Universal Silent Top™ Stove Cover was designed just for this problem. Crafted of solid wood with a durable clear finish, the Silent Top’s adjustable rubber feet slide down into the stove’s grates to stop unwanted road noise. Includes a handy flexible cutting mat that allows the Silent Top™ Stove Cover to be used as a cutting board without damaging the finish. Stops the rattling and gives you more counter space too. Fits any stove.

I obviously don’t want my food or sensitive medicines in the refrigerator to spoil when I travel. How can I be assured that my refrigerator remains at the correct temperature?

Rest easy with the Fridge Alarm™ keeping watch over your refrigerator’s temperature. The Fridge Alarm™ lets you know the temperature on the inside of the refrigerator with an easy-to-read digital monitor on the outside of the fridge. If the temperature inside gets too warm or cold, the Fridge Alarm™ alerts you with an audible beep and flashing light. You can set the upper and lower limits according to your own needs.


RV Hardware

I was recently at a rally where a “generator exhaust system” was required for running our generator. What exactly is a generator exhaust system and what does it do?

Any time RVs are parked in close proximity to each other, the fumes from generator exhausts can be a smelly, if not dangerous, problem. Getting those fumes above the roof line greatly reduces the likelihood of CO poisoning and makes the whole camping area a lot more livable. A generator exhaust system, like Camco’s Gen-turi™, helps move exhaust gases upward along the side of the coach through lightweight but durable composite tubing. The Gen-turi™ attaches in minutes and cools the hot exhaust with its patented venturi effect.

It seems every time we camp in a campground, we’re parked under a security light. Since there’s a vent near the bed, the excessive light can be annoying when trying to sleep. How can I block some of this light?

Try the Camco Lights Out™ Vent Shade. It mounts permanently and works just like a window shade in your home. At night, pull the Vent Shade closed to get a good night’s rest with a darker room. In the morning, simply open the Lights Out™ Vent Shade and let the sunshine in. Nothing to take down and store, and the Lights Out™ Vent Shade helps insulate your rig too.

I’d like to leave my roof vents open while I’m away from my RV during hot weather but I’m afraid of rain getting in. What’s available that will keep the rain out and still let fresh air in?

The Aero-flo™ vent cover is a great solution. The Aero-flo™ mounts easily over the vent to keep out rain, while allowing fresh air to circulate through your coach. The Aero-flo™ has more open vent area than the standard vent cover, allowing maximum air flow. Better yet, it’s the only two-piece vent cover on the market that easily allows access to the vent for cleaning and repairs, without taking the Aero-flo™ mountings loose. It even works over the high-powered fans found on many coaches today.

I hate lifting off my propane tank cover every time I need to turn the LP on or off. Doesn’t anyone make a cover that you don’t have to take off to access the bottles?

Camco’s Heavy Duty RV propane tank cover has access doors built right into the top. Now access to your LP gas valves is right at your fingertips, where it should be.

My kids and dog keep pushing out the screen in my door. What can I do?

Protect your RV screen door while adding a great look with Camco’s Push Bar and Screen Door Grilles. Camco’s Push Bar and Screen Door Grilles combine to allow for easier exit and protection of your RV screen door. They add a sturdy feel to your door and save repairs to screens. This extra protection provides peace of mind because it helps prevent children from falling out through the screen. The push bar and deluxe grille adjust from 20″ – 32″. The standard grille adjusts from 20″ – 29″. Installation is easy, and the hardware is included.

Chairs and bicycles take up too much room in my RV. Any suggestions?

Camco’s Clamp-N-Carry™ Chair & Bike Rack for RVs and vans fit both standard 1″ and 7/8″ diameter ladders (adapters included). The rack securely holds four or more chairs, depending on chair style. It allows for easy ladder access and swings inward for travel when not in use. It’s made of glass-filled nylon with UV protectants. Camco also offers its basic Chair Rack, which will hold up to four chairs, depending on style.

It seems like no matter where we stay we need a different type of electrical adapter. Ideas?

Set up a personal emergency electrical adapter bag/box with a combination of Camco’s adapters, cords and plugs. Match your power needs with our adapters and never be without the right adapter again. To make your life on the road even easier, Camco’s 30 AMP extension Cord and Dogbone Adapters have built-in easy-grip handles.



Why do I have to use a toilet treatment at all?

Sulfuric acids caused by waste can damage the toilet’s working parts. TST® toilet treatments break down waste and prevent septic odor from developing. A good toilet treatment to prevent buildup and odors is essential for RVing.

How does TST® work?

TST® helps control unwanted odors and assists in the breakdown of waste and tissue in your black water holding tank. It contains Calcium Nitrate and Sodium Percarbonate to help break down waste and tissue. TST® does not contain formaldehyde and is safe for all septic tanks. Having a fresh-smelling tank will result in a more enjoyable camping experience.

Why should I use TST® instead of any other toilet treatment?

TST® toilet treatments provide odor and gas control, are environmentally safe, contain no formaldehyde and help prevent damage to the seals and gaskets in your RV. TST® provides all-weather performance that won’t let you down. No other toilet treatment provides all this in one product.

What is the difference between Camco’s standard TST® and TST® MAX?

Standard TST® and TST® MAX are both formulated to help control unwanted odors and assist in the breakdown of waste and tissue in your black water holding tank. Each contains a blend of scented surfactant oils that trap unwanted odors in your tank. The only difference between the two is the treatment dosage.

  • Standard TST® uses a 4 oz. dosage to treat up to a 40-gallon tank.
  • TST® MAX uses a 2 oz. dosage, or 1-2 Drop-Ins to treat up to a 40-gallon tank.
Can I use TST® in both grey and black water (sewage) tanks?

Yes. There are dosage instructions for both tanks on the TST® container. While the chemistry of each tank is quite different, TST® works equally well in both systems to control odors and lubricate delicate system seals and components.

Is TST® safe for the environment?

Absolutely. TST® products are safe for the environment. TST® does not contain harmful formaldehydes. Formaldehyde-based products are not allowed in many campgrounds across the United States and Canada. We expect this trend to continue as more people switch to environmentally friendly toilet chemicals such as TST®.

What is the difference between the liquid and Drop-In TST® formulas? 

Chemically, there are several differences between liquid TST® and the TST® Drop-Ins. Liquid TST® contains Calcium Nitrate based with water. Some liquid products have added surfactants. In contrast, the TST® Drop-Ins contain Sodium Chloride and Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate (Sodium Percarbonate). Both liquid TST® and the TST® Drop-Ins have colorants and fragrances to help keep your tank smelling fresh. These formulas are safe to use and provide the most complete treatment available. 

I want to switch to TST® but am currently using another brand chemical, can I use them together?

No, that is not a good idea. Not all treatments are compatible. Some mixtures can cause odors to get worse, and could damage the working parts of the toilet. Some combinations might actually be hazardous to the environment. The wrong combination could pressurize the tank and cause it to leak or “burp” into the RV. In most cases, combining treatments will just cause poor performance. When switching between two different treatments, it is a good idea to rinse your holding tank thoroughly to minimize any contamination.

Where can I get TST® if I’m out on the road?

You can purchase TST® from most RV dealers and retailers. Unlike other treatments you might find on the road, the same formulas of TST® are available throughout the United States and Canada.

How long has TST® been on the market?

TST® has been on the market longer than any other toilet treatment. For over forty years, the TST® formulas have been continually improved for higher performance. It’s a tried and proven product by anyone’s standards.