Kit, Vehicle Wiring

Item #: 69140

Everything you need to wire your vehicle for high-current (60 amp) 12v power. Use this 12v high current power connection for trailer winch, portable winch, and any other 12v device up to 60 amps.

  • TRAC’s 12v high-current quick-connect system:
  • 12v connector for rear of vehicle; Adaptor for optional installation in 1-1/2” round hole
  • U-bracket for optional installation on flat surface; 12v connector for trailer winch or any other 12v device
  • 25’ of heavy 8-gauge AWG tin-plated marine-grade positive (red) battery wire
  • 5’ of heavy 8-gauge AWG tin-plated marine-grade negative (black) battery wire; Corrosion resistant self-tapping grounding bolt to attach negative wire to vehicle frame
  • High-current 60 amp manual resetting circuit breaker; 10 tie-wraps to secure wires to vehicle
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Manufacture Suggested Retail Price: USD $136.99 /EA
  • Case Quantity : 6
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